“Rake In $1,000 per Hour In Your Own Homebased Business Using No Money Of Your Own!”

Real estate sized commissions using none of your own money!


It’s a fact. Look, we measure our margins in this business by the thousands of dollars. It’s like real estate commissions – they’re BIG.

We’ve had people on their first deal bring home the bacon to the tune of $3,402.

If your goals and ambitions include making big money — really BIG money — FAST!, I can show you how. If you would like the personal freedom, self-respect, and community prestige that accompany competent performance, read this report thoroughly. It will show you how to have all this and more.

The Opportunity Of The 21st Century

This report will introduce you to a truly revolutionary method of making massive amounts of money in short periods of time.


Part of what makes this opportunity so unique is that there is no other opportunity that can offer such large scale rewards so easily with no risk. And the best thing about this is that the little guy can still do it.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a get rich quick scheme. It isn’t. But, if you put dedicated effort into it, fulltime or parttime, you can be earning $10,000 or more per month, averaging $1,000/hour or more per hour on every deal. Others have.

And we can teach you how to do this out of your home, with no additional overhead. This is why insiders are calling the discounted seller carryback mortgage business “the business opportunity of the 21st Century.”


The business we are in, and the business we are offering to help you get in, is the business of buying and selling personally held paper on the secondary market. You may have heard it called the business of "discounted mortgages." Insiders call it the "paper" business. Simply put, we buy and sell seller carryback notes, mortgages, trust deeds, and land contracts.

These are liens that are generated when the seller carries back all or a portion of the financing when they sell their residence, rental, or commercial property.


Not only that, however, but you'll also be able to buy annuities, judgements, structured settlements, and lottery winnings! Mobile home notes and property leases. Your profits on these "cash flow instruments" can be as great or greater than your profits on mortgages. In fact, you can buy practically any cash flow instrument that exists, including automobile notes, business notes, and factoring of accounts receivables. Even aircraft and boat notes!

The simple tool that starts it all for us is called the "Mortgage Worksheet." It simply has a few fill-in-the-blanks that anyone can complete. For a free sample of both the printable Mortgage Worksheet and the online Note Submission form, all you have to do is request it here:


The Size of the Market

The market is huge. In fact, other than food and clothing, can you think of anything that every person in this vast country, in one form or another, is involved with all their lives?

The number of seller carrybacks has soared in recent years. There is estimated to be over $400 billion dollars at the present time, and the figure is growing rapidly. Currently, one in four home sales involves some type of seller financing.

In the eighties we had high interest that forced sellers to carryback paper to sell their homes. With the nineties came the great savings and loan crisis. Although we got lower interest rates, qualifying became more difficult. Then came the year 2008, which is the epoch the conventional mortgage industry is reeling in. Same thing - still got low interest rates, but even fewer people can get through the underwriting process.

In short, we've got a tremendous pool of seller carryback mortgages, and it's filling faster than we can drain it.

In the major metropolitan areas such as New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles, up to a thousand new mortgages are recorded daily. Even in rural areas of 30,000 people, several thousand mortgages are recorded annually. Wherever you are, the opportunity is tremendous.

And, though it's easiest to start locally, most people naturally branch out almost immediately. The simple reason is that you may have a local property with a non-local note holder. This person leads you to another. Or someone you tell about your services has a relative that lives elsewhere in the country with a property in yet another location. With our system you are completely prepared to knowledgeably transact these deals, no matter where in the nation the property or the note owner resides.

"Why Would Someone Sell a Note at a Discount?"

It's always about money. . . . They want the money.

Perhaps they feel burdened with the responsibility of owning a note. Sometimes they don't feel good about waiting for another person to pay them.

There's always people needing money to pay for someone's college years or for medical expenses, and for a thousand and one things. We had a country lady one time who bought a brand new tricked out monster truck with a sizeable portion of her gains.

Perhaps it's other opportunities. We closed on one just the other day which the seller sold because he had another real estate opportunity. He felt like he could make more than enough money on the other opportunity to offset any loss he might be taking on his note.

man-flying-right-rsWhatever the reason, they would prefer to have a lump sum of cash now rather than a trickle coming in over a long period of time.

And guess what?!! We've just introduced two new programs whereby you can give the seller from 95%-100% on their notes! Can you do a lot of notes this way? You bet you can! You learn the jealously guarded secrets to this cutting edge technique in the Negotiator Course.

You are the do-gooder with a cape who comes in to save the day. You're not selling anything! They love you!

"Where Do I Get My Leads?"

msn-with-beg-03And all these transactions are recorded at the courthouse. However, searching them out there is L-A-B-O-R-I-O-U-S! With our system you will have thousands of leads to followup on. And you sure won't be wasting your days at the courthouse. You'll have eager prospects calling you up!

Profit Opportunities

Our industry is unregulated! Believe it! Therefore, we can make "obscene" profits. The banks and S&L's can't touch what we do. But then we don't "loan" money. We "purchase" notes created in the sale of real estate, otherwise known as purchase money mortgages.

man-with-percent-sign--faceright-02man-with-percent-sign--faceright-02We routinely purchase notes from sellers who are glad to sell them to us, so that we yield a 20%, 40%, or 60% return. We do all this while assuming no risk. Note, I did not say minor risk, I said no risk. We'll show you everything. We'll give you the instruction and motivation to do the same on your own.

We have an almost unfair advantage over the uninformed unintentional ex-homeowners who carried back a note and really wanted — and still want — cash. There is no “note market.” No one can call their broker and request the going rate on their note.

People are in the dark about the true value of their notes. Your professional approach can make you thousands, while helping them out of an investment they no longer want.

And there are so few purchasers of seller carryback mortgage notes that potential sellers will be glad to hear that you can help them. Effectively they won't have any other option but you.

If you don't help these note holders, what are they stuck with? You cannot force anybody to sell to you. They'll only do it if it makes sense to them. You get paid well for helping the seller solve their problem.

It's amazing, but though sellers generally have a hard time discounting real estate, they discount the paper with nary a thought. They do this because they know that's the way it's "supposed" to be.

You make sure they know this. You learn the negotiating how-tos in "Presenting Your Offer to Win-Win" in the Negotiator Course.

What About Your State?

There's not a state in the union that we don't buy notes in. You will be able to purchase them also. There are certain differences in the security instruments and the foreclosure procedures associated with different states, but the differences are minor.

We will teach you the differences. Part I of the Paper Profit$ Course contains an appendix that gives you the full details on a state-by-state basis. Then, when you encounter notes from states other than your own, you will be able to confidently handle them.

Where You Get the Money for Your Deals

I've run into people who circled the fringes of this business for years just because they had no money to invest! Truly they see this as the one single insurmountable problem.

But with our system you get a new look at that problem. It's almost like the specter at the haunted house. The child (the average would-be note investor) sees the ghost and is frightened into immobility. Though it is only a facade, the child perceives the ghost as real, and therefore acts accordingly. However, the adult (the professional note investor) knows the truth of the situation, and, if anything, is only amused at the reactions of the less-educated participants, not at the reality of the situation.ghost-151528_1280-PD_Pixabay

Just as a father might contact the proprietor of the haunted house and take his child behind the scenes in the daytime, when there's no scary music or howling going on, to dispel the child's delusions, so can you take advantage of our knowledge, insight, and contacts.

Believe me -- money is no problem in this business. You cannot run out of money for your deals. We buy notes nationwide. Not only do we buy notes for our own account, but we are direct representatives for major institutional investors and for private investors, also. You would recognize some of these Fortune 500 references. And, until you get inside, you have no idea how much money high net worth individuals have available in their retirement plans that needs the kind of high rates and solid security you can offer them. Once you join us you are directly tied into our network of billions in financial resources. We want to buy them from you. Honestly, you can't run out of money for your good deals.

The Two Main Ways You Make Mountains of Money

There are two main ways you make money in this business. Either "flipping" notes or "investing" in notes.


Most investors start out as flippers. I know of no other method that can so easily and so surely boost you into the financial freedom you deserve.

The realtor community keeps Irv Gavin so busy he doesn’t work any other market.

When you flip a note, you have it sold before you buy it! You do what we call a "double simultaneous contingent closing." What this means is that both the purchase of the note from the seller and the sale of "your" note to the end buyer happen at exactly the same moment. You make your money on the spread. Somewhere between these two legs of the transaction $2,000 - $15,000 drops into your Hip National Bank. The seller never knows how much you made.

The simple tool that starts it all that starts the process is called the "Mortgage Worksheet." It consists of a few fill-in-the-blanks that anyone can complete. For a free sample of both the printable Mortgage Worksheet and the online Note Submission form, all you have to do is request it here:


Here's an example of a flip. Sally Seller sold her home a year ago. She wanted all cash, but the house just wouldn't sell. The buyer could not qualify for an institutional loan, so she was forced to carry back the financing. Bobby Buyer gave her a $25,000 down payment, money which he received from the sale of his own home. Here's what it looked like:

$100,000 Purchase price
     25,000 Cash down payment
     75,000 Seller carryback 1st mortgage

(30 year term, 10% interest, $658.18 payment)

Now Sally needs the money. Maybe she has her heart set on a tour of ancient Egypt. Maybe she needs a medical operation. Whatever the reason, she has discovered that a mortgage is NOT like money in the bank. She can't just withdraw the principal balance, even though she's willing to accept a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

As a trained negotiator, you talk to her and find out that she is willing to accept $62,250. You then contact Cash Now For Structured Settlements. and give us the information we need to analyze the note. We like it. The payor's credit is sound and the property is good. We offer you $70,114. Now look at this:

$74,583 remaining balance
70,114 amount Cash Now For Structured Settlements. pays for note
62,250 amount accepted by seller
$ 7,864 your profit on transaction

Not bad for a few hours work, huh? You see right here how you can earn $1,000 per hour. Of course, you wouldn't invest 71/2; hours in this deal, but then, let's be conservative.

Can this happen to you? It happens every day to all sorts of normal people. Why can't it happen to you? It can, but only if you know how to make it happen. You must have the knowledge and resources to put yourself in a position to win. That's what our course gives you.house-310748_1280

We'll show you exactly how to consistently earn $1,000 per hour and more, and we'll guide you through the process. What could be easier?

Of course, there's no free rides, and there's no guarantees. Every single deal is different. Good sense and the FTC require we advise you these results are not typical, and that the average person, who does nothing, earns nothing. That being said, these are the kinds of results that happen every day for those who hustle.

Flipping is the primary focus of the Negotiator Course.

Now, consider this. Let's say you do this business parttime. Look at what will happen to your income according to the following schedules:

$5,000 Fast Cash per Spread

Number of Transactions     Monthly Income
                   3                                   $15,000
                   2                                   $10,000
                   1                                     $5,000

Actual results depend on you. Actual results vary deal-by-deal. You may do better or worse than the above example. What if you only averaged $2,000 per transaction?

$2,000 Fast Cash per Spread

Number of Transactions     Monthly Income
                   3                                   $6,000
                   2                                   $4,000
                   1                                    $2,000

Could you tolerate an additional $2,000-6,000 income per month?

Once you go fulltime, you may be doing 3-6 per week. While not everyone would call that wealth, how about you?...


Most people enter this business for the fast cash profits they can make using other people's money. However, it doesn't take too many deals to pay off all your debts and purchase new cars and a new house. Perhaps you are at the time of life when you are sending the kids to college. Small change. You will be looking for investment opportunities.

After you've worked flipping notes for a while you'll surely want to expand your focus.

If you invest in notes, after a few years of work you can walk away from your mean green money generating machine and have it spinning off hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. The Professional Broker Course covers forty-seven magical profit producing strategies to increase your returns by investing in notes.

There is no more secure investment than real estate backed paper. You buy these notes for pennies on the dollar. Additionally, you seldom buy a note that backs 100% of the property.

Let's say you get involved in the following typical deal. It might look like this:

$165,000  Original sales price
    45,000 Cash down payment
  120,000 Seller carryback financing

(15 year term, 12% interest, $1,440.20 payment)

The $120,000 financing represents 73% of the property value. We say this note has a 73% loan-to-value ratio (LTV).

money-bag_23-2147510397Over time, being in a desirable neighborhood, the value of the property increases slightly to $180,000. Not only that, but the financially prudent payor has taken advantage of the no prepayment penalty clause, and has paid the loan down to $89,000. Two years later, when the noteholder approaches you needing a lump sum of cash rather than a mere $1,440 monthly, the loan-to-value ratio is a low 49%.

But wait. You don't purchase the note for the principal balance owing. It's not worth that. If it was, the seller wouldn't be trying to sell it. You offer him $65,000 for it.

So what do you have now? What kind of return are you making on your money? You've just picked up a note with 97 payments remaining. (The term was shortened because of principal paydown.) The return on your money is 22.04%. The banks can't touch that. Nobody performs that consistently well in the stock market, either. In fact, people have lost their life's savings in the market in a matter of days.

Early Payoff

However, in this society of ours where 25% of the people change residences every year, it is likely that you will get paid off early. This is magical! Let's say that one year after you invest in the note the payor moves into another house, selling his old home and paying off your note in the process. The payoff would be $82,022.

Your annual return, with the payments and the payoff, exceeds 47%!! It happens, and it happens often.


It can get better. You could foreclose. Foreclosures happen on less than 1-3% of homes, depending on regional and economic factors. So the actual chances of you having a foreclosure are minimal.

You have a security lien that you have paid $65,000 for that secures a $180,000 home. Believe me, if a year later the payor was to default, and you "got" to foreclose you would make some serious money! (Foreclosure is a very simple and painless procedure on your part, when you know how to do it. This is detailed in the course. Have professionals do it.) Because you hold the first lien, even if there is a second and/or a third behind you, you get the entire property free and clear! You've just made $115,000. Not counting the payments that you received, you've just made a 106.3% return on your money! Even if you decide to market it quickly, let's say for $150,000, one month later, after recovering your initial investment, you deposit $85,000 in your Hip National Bank. (That's your pocketbook!) smileyface


What if you don't yet have $69,000, but you encounter a real deal? Simple -- hypothecate. This is a banker's term for borrow. We'll give you the names and contact information for various financial institutions who will loan you the money to purchase the notes. For instance, let's say you find a note on a $195,000 property. It was originally written for $145,000, 20 years, 8.5% interest, with monthly payments of $1,258.34 monthly.

Thirty-six months have gone by, and the seller needs a lump sum of cash for another investment. The amortized balance is now $135,554,71. He offers it to you for $109,000.

You look at the loan-to-value ratio, and it's good. You look at the payment history, and it's good. Certain financial institutions would look at this, and see its value. They would loan you the money to purchase this note. Now they want to make money, so they charge you 12% interest. For a real estate secured loan, this is high. Your monthly payment is $1,049.85. Let's look at what you've done with no money out of your pocket:

$1,258.34 monthly payment from payor for 204 months
-1,049.85 your monthly payment
$ 208.49 your monthly spread -- PURE PROFIT

And your personal financial situation makes no difference. Unlike a normal loan, you are not the one they are looking to for repayment of the loan. Even though you are buying the carryback, they will look to the payor and the property.

Want to know something else? The bank will insist that the payments come directly to them. Okay. That will mean that you don't even have to manage your own loan to receive your income. They'll take their share and forward the balance to you.

What if you had 10 of these? What if, after doing this business for five years you had 35 of these? Look at this: $208.49 x 35 = $7,297. Could you live on $7,300 of management-free monthly income? Do you see now why this business excites everyone who gets involved?

Flipping and Investing

I got an email from Richard Deason, who’s made so much so fast he quit his job and does this parttime now. He’s got a good sense of humor these days…

He writes, “Buy the way… I love my job! Get the pun?”

Most people who get into this business enjoy the best of both worlds. Remember, in this business you are not dealing with $10 profit margins, but $1,000 profit margins. We, for instance, have never participated in a consumer deal where we didn't make a minimum of $1,000. The sky's the limit. After you flip a number of deals, you'll have large amounts of money which you will need to invest. You will soon begin to cherry pick the deals. You'll pick the sweetest and leave the rest. You'll invest in the best and sell the rest.

The Advantages of This Business

This business has so many advantages it is unbelievable.

There is, however, one drawback, which I'm sure you'll understand. Real estate is real estate. The note business is a real estate business. The typical closing cycle for a real estate deal is 3-4 weeks. Now we've had instances in which it went faster... But there's simply the real estate logistics at play here. So, if you need instant money - as in a couple of days - this is not the business for you.

Of course, we've discussed the unlimited potential for acquiring wealth that this business offers.

Your income is limited only by the number of deals you do.

There is a vast market of sellers, more than you could ever contact. And they are everywhere.folder-158009_1280

We've also discussed how rapidly you can actually be earning bigtime money. It generates immediate income. But of greater importance than $15,000 next month is the fact that you can really build a financial fortress.

In this business you can create an estate that will care for you and for generations of your family. Real estate has created 70% of all millionaires in this country. And you reap all of the benefits without any of the headaches of real estate.

You can do this either parttime or fulltime, starting with no money of your own. We are giving you free access to eager billions. As you develop, you will probably start using some of your own money, yet, because you get such a good price, and your investments are real estate backed, you will never be "risking" your money.

With this kind of wealth rolling in, you can live the lifestyle you choose. No conjectures of how good it will feel match the actual feeling of freedom that money gives you.

You can live anywhere and do this business. Every community has seller carryback paper. Further, since you do not need to do any personal face-to-face selling, you can operate this business on a nationwide basis. Not only, then, can you live anywhere and perform it successfully, but you can move to the place you prefer, and operate your business from there.

If you've ever run a business before, you'll really appreciate the fact that there's no inventory, no employees, and no store or warehouse space. These gigantic overhead expenses -- continuing whether sales justify it or not -- have ruined many American small businesses.

This is America's perfect homebased business. The only thing you need to start earning massive income in this business is specific knowledge and your telephone. In today's day and age, the internet is also highly advised, though it is not absolutely necessary. This can be run totally and forever as a homebased business.

There's no government red tape. All you do is report your income to the I.R.S. Speaking of taxes, the tax benefits of running your own business are legendary. For instance, you might want to vacation in Las Vegas for a week. You simply run an ad in the paper, and making it twice as fun and exciting, you transact a paper deal. (At least that way you're sure to go home a winner.) Uncle Sam funds your trip. (This isn't tax advice, of course; check this with your tax professional.)

You will never be alone. You have unlimited free consultation rights with our firm. Not only that, but, honestly, once you get into the network, you'll have a multitude of creative people working on all sides of you. Life is more exciting when you work with these kind of people.

The Paper Profit$ Course

We've got the entire process of understanding, locating, negotiating, selling, and closing notes down to a science. You can easily learn it.

The full course, not available at any store, consists of three progressive parts.

We offer the Contact Course, the Negotiator Course, and the Broker Course.

Each part is fully self-contained, giving you all the lessons, practice materials, and information you need to become proficient and profitable in the level you choose.

You do not need a college education, just average intelligence. (If you've read this far, you pass!)

You receive copies of proven success generating ads. You get the inside secrets to an everflowing spring of note-holding prospects. You have scripts of how to approach a note holder and how to respond to a noteholder who contacts you. You receive completed samples of all the forms you need as well as blank forms with a duplication release for your own deals. Each course can be received either in digital format (and you save a pretty penny) or packaged in a handsome three ring binder, where you can store everything relating to your business.

Each course includes all the help you need for your deals. Even though we don't work around the clock, you have 24 hour access to our voice mail. If it is an urgent call we will contact you directly. You get the same availability to our personal email. We will be with you to get you quickly and painlessly raking in the big bucks.

We update you regularly featuring articles dealing with the discounted mortgage marketplace, including information on legislation, valuable negotiation tips and tactics, purchase and service sources, and the like.

Paper Profit$, Part I: The Contact Course

The Contact Course puts you immediately in business as a contact person for us. In this program you gather preliminary information from noteholders interested in selling their note. You forward the information to us. We then contact them directly, negotiating and closing the sale. You will be an independent contractor earning a $250 - $500 finder's fee for each mortgage note we purchase from contacts you establish.

We make it simple. We have two basic levels of finder's fees. On any note we purchase you make a minimum of $250. If the face value of the note is $50,000 or more you make $500. (If you get a really jumbo note, like the $775,000 note a referral brought us the other day, we'll mutually negotiate a legitimate referral fee.)

This is an easy entry level program. For instance, you won't need to do any math that you can't do on a $7 calculator. After you convince yourself of the profit potential of buying and selling and investing in discounted paper, you'll surely move up. The really big profits go to the Negotiators and the Brokers.

You get all this:

  • The complete Contact Course
  • A general overview of the "Paper" business
  • Samples of all relevant forms filled out
  • Online Mortgage Submission Form
  • Supply of the printed Mortgage Worksheet form, with unlimited duplication rights for your own usage
  • Sure-fire techniques for finding eager note sellers
  • Tips on client followup, to ensure your success
  • Tips on finding purchasing sources in your own locality
  • Thirty days satisfaction guarantee
  • One year double your money guarantee

Here's the Table of Contents of the Contact Course:

1: The Easiest Money You'll Ever Make

2: The Paper Market

3: Big Time Connections

4: The Big Picture

5: Just The Facts

6: Your Key To Riches

7: Building Wealth

Appendix A: Amortization and Yield Table Samples

Appendix B: State by State Guide to Real Estate Practices

Contact Camera Ready Forms

Glossary of Paper Terms

You get all this for only $77. If you want the printed version, it's $97.

There's no hype, there's no pricing it at $1,000 and then reducing it to $77.  And you won't be hit with another offer after you press submit.

We respect your intelligence and look forward to doing business with you soon.

You may find it hard to believe, but you can get your feet wet in this business for a mere $77!

And, as an extra bonus, if you enroll within ten days from today, 18 May 2024, we'll include, ABSOLUTELY FREE, the website where you can get a copy of both a loan amortization program and a financial calculator, both indispensable tools. A $59 value.

Send me the Contact Course now for only $77

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Paper Profit$, Part II: The Negotiator Course

The Negotiator Course puts you immediately in business as an independent contractor 100% responsible for your own deals. In this program you send us the details on an available note. We make you a quote on it. Based on how much money you want to make, you negotiate a price with the seller. You determine your own profits, making it on the spread.

We pay closing costs on most notes (unusual title problems excepted), so you need not invest or risk any money of your own.

This is an easy intermediate level program, focusing primarily on making fast cash by buying and selling notes. After you experience the heady profits of buying and selling paper, you'll surely want to start investing in discounted paper. When you do you'll want to move up to the Professional Broker Course.

You will need a financial calculator. We recommend the Hewlett Packard 12C (HP-12C). (Check out the bonuses included with the Negotiator Course!)

You get all this:

  • The complete Negotiator Course
  • Full support on our Paper Profit$ HotLine
  • A thorough explanation of the time value of money
  • Instruction on how to operate the financial calculator
  • Online Mortgage Submission Worksheet
  • Expanded Mortgage Analysis forms, with duplication rights
  • Samples of all relevant forms filled out
  • Advanced negotiating tips
  • Complete document/forms package with duplication rights
  • Thirty days satisfaction guarantee
  • One year double your money guarantee

The Negotiator Course builds on the Contact Course. Here's the Table of Contents of the Negotiator Course:

1: Your High Profit Accelerator

2: The Keys To Wealth

3: The Mortgage Purchase Agreement

4: Partial Purchases Make More Deals

5: Presenting Your Offer To Win-Win

6: A Paper Deal, Start to Finish

Negotiator Camera Ready Forms

You get all this for only $277. And that includes The Contact Course, also.

And, as extra BONUSES, if you order within ten days, we'll include a Windows-based HP-12C calculator program free -- a $129 value. With this program you will not need to purchase a handheld calculator. You can do everything on your computer.

The physical version package is $337.

Send me the Contact and the Negotiator Course Bundle for only $277

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Paper Profit$, Part III: The Professional Broker Course

The Professional Broker Course, which builds on parts I & II, puts you in business on an equal level with us. We share everything with you. We hold nothing back, no secrets, no sources. We will not have even one advantage that you don't have.

Of course, you will have full access to us on the Paper Profit$ HotLine.

Further, however, we'll give you the ACTUAL SOURCES that can make you millions. You'll have the names of the companies, their addresses, their phone numbers, the websites, and the actual names of the people you need to talk to. These are major institutional buyers with billions in available money.

Not only will we give you this pre-constructed network, we'll teach you how to construct an investor network of your own. It's just a matter of a few phone calls, when you have the right information.

Not only that, but we'll give you our sixteen closely guarded Money Mountain Clauses. Attorneys don't know about these. We know; we see their notes. They include them hit-and-miss.

You see, you may create the opportunity to buy or sale a property with seller financing. When you do, you want to have an irontight profitable situation for yourself. These clauses will ensure that outcome. Just one of these clauses could easily make you $10,000 or more.

We also include other negotiating rationales and strategies. This will catapult the income you make out of this business.

Here's what you get in the Broker Course:

  • The complete Professional Broker Course
  • Full support on our Paper Profit$ HotLine
  • The formula for financial freedom
  • Invaluable Money Mountain Clauses
  • Full contact information on the actual institutional sources that will buy your notes
  • Information on setting up your own investor network
  • Profit-taking information on managing your note portfolio
  • Copies of note management forms, with duplication rights
  • One year double your money guarantee

Here's the Table of Contents of the Professional Broker Course:

1: Billion$ For Your Deals

2: Investing On Your Own Account: High Profit Strategies

3: Advanced Marketing For High Profits

4: Advanced Negotiating For High Profits

5: Partners And Things

6: Forms And Checklists For Everything

7: What You Must Have In Your Own Investments

8: Portfolio Management

The complete price for all this is only $497. And talk about profit! This INCLUDES the Contact and the Negotiator Courses.

The physical package is $697.



LOOK! Look!! Look!!!

And with your paid in full enrollment in Parts I, II, & III you also receive our "pull out all the stops" SUPER "put you in business on the internet overnight" mega bonus, by itself worth over 3 times your entire investment in the course!

It's our copyrighted turnkey world wide web presence. In the fifth week of your enrollment we ship you a customized set of world wide web WordPress files ready to be restored on your server. (That’s the correct techno jargon.) All you need to do is insert your name, phone, and address information, and you'll instantly have your own homepage with your name, address, and phone numbers on it. People will submit the form online and it will show up in your email inbox. It will be your Note Presence on the internet.

You will overnight have an audience of millions who can submit notes to you ONLINE! They show up in your email seconds after the user presses submit. (They never see your email - as that’s behind the scenes.)

You can check out the online note submission form we use, just one of the pages you receive free. All you have to do is upload them onto your server. It can't get any easier than this...g-NoteSubmissionMockup

Or can it? What if you don't have a web server yet? And what if this computer talk of "upload," "files," and "servers" is just so much mumbo jumbo to you? We'll tap you right into our source, the very best deal going for the entrepreneur on the globe today. Call or email us, and then we'll upload your files for you!

If you were to seek out a webmaster to build this for you, it would easily cost $3,000. Easily.

And we won’t sell this for $3,000... But you can have it for FREE!! We reserve the right to withdraw this excessively generous bonus offer at any time. We will only allow a limited number of these web sites out. Don't delay!

Is there a catch to this overly generous offer? There’s no catch, but there is a condition. The site is licensed to you, for your own use, and cannot be resold, redistributed, or installed for any other person or firm. This is to protect the value of your investment.

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"Why Cash Now For Structured Settlements?"

We're not the only firm offering instruction in the buying and selling of discounted mortgages. However, there are four major reasons why you should do business with us.

First, we are one of a very select group who is actually in the note business. Many of the seminar promoters are in the promotion business. They wouldn't know what to do if you offered them a note. We are actively seeking note acquisitions. WE ACTUALLY HAVE THE MONEY YOU NEED.

Second, since we are not in the seminar/promotion business, we are here to work with you when you call. You have to wonder how promoters who travel all the time can assist you.

Third, we save you an immense sum of money. We speak with sad people frequently. People who paid $3,500 - $7,000 to attend a seminar offered by another firm. It SHOULD make you wonder; why are we having to hold the hands of these people who received such high-priced training? Sure, part of our training is guiding you through with individualized phone guidance as long as you need it, but these are people who supposedly already received full training.

Fourth, we offer an unheard of strong guarantee. We know of no other firm that even offers a money back guarantee on the materials. We are the ONLY firm who guarantees the results of their training. Read the section below on our phenomenal guarantee.

Your Ridiculously Low Investment

Don't be misled by the price of what we're offering you. You could spend thousands of dollars and invest 4-8 years, even earning your Ph.D., and still not earn what you can easily be earning three months after you take our course.

You see, the schools only teach you to work for someone else. They don't teach you low risk high profit strategies for your own independence. There is no institutional training available on paper.

Certainly, if you've read this far you have an open mind. Take me up on the opportunity to examine what I am talking about absolutely free. There is no risk associated with my offer.

Not only that, but if you've read this far we're so convinced that you can be successful that we are willing to bet on you. If you order either the Negotiator or the Broker Course you can simply make a small initial investment in the course and handle the balance as you profit from your first transaction. You can start taking advantage of the time value of money immediately. The links at the bottom of this report will take you to the Online Enrollment Forms which give you the full details on this program.

Our Incredible Amazing Unbelievable! Guarantee to You

Yes, earning $1,000 per hour is a lot of money. And while nobody can guarantee you'll do that; others have; it is possible.

If your credibility is strained, don't worry. Simply give the course a chance to prove itself. Didn't we say you will never have to risk any money?



Our first guarantee is a full thirty days satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the materials you receive simply let us know.

If you received physical products, of course you’ll return them in resalable condition. We’ll issue you a prompt no questions asked refund.

Excepting the Online Mortgage Worksheet, all bonuses are yours to keep just for giving us a try.


As noted above, our first guarantee is a full thirty days satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the materials you receive simply let us know. If you received physical products, of course you'll return them in resalable condition. We'll issue you a prompt no questions asked refund. Excepting the Online Mortgage Worksheet, all bonuses are yours to keep just for giving us a try.

We offer our second guarantee because it is so easy to make money with this program. In fact, we guarantee you will make money.

If you can't make thousands of dollars within one year by following our course I'll refund every red cent you invest! I don't know how to be fairer than that. I'm removing all the risk from you. (This is the normal way you'll be doing business following my course.) You can't lose with this deal.

The only thing you have to do to earn this chunk of change is to make a good faith effort by bringing us 100 legitimate paper offers. Don't worry. You'll probably have 100 offers in your first three months, and, after you get rolling, over 100 offers every month thereafter. You won't want to utilize our measly (at that point) guarantee.

Now isn't that an amazing, incredible, unbelievable guarantee? I've never heard of anyone offering any thing more, have you?

The Person We're Looking For

Paper Profit$ is actively seeking a limited number of national affiliates. We can't be everywhere all the time. We have access to more money than we could ever spend, over $200 million monthly, so we desperately need you on the street submitting deals.

It's not intelligence, schooling, looks, sex, or race that determines how much money you will make. It is how much you want to make. If you're serious we'll make sure you have the techniques you need to be successful.

If you are willing to study and follow a proven system, devoting only 6-8 hours a week to the program, evenings and weekends okay, then you may be the person we are looking for. With this level of consistent disciplined effort, you can add an additional $2,000-$10,000 monthly to your income, earning $1,000 or more per hour.

It won't be too long before you begin to ask yourself why you are working on your old job. Really, how many months of earning $10,000 will you need before you make your own declaration of independence? If you go full time, you could potentially become a millionaire. Paper has made many millionaires. But what if you don't? What if you choose to work parttime and enjoy life with your family, and only make $100,000 per year? Could you live off that?

We are serious. You may be Johnny Q. Average or Susan Smoothie. It doesn't matter. Paper offers you the opportunity to live a lifestyle that most people only dream about.

What reason could you possibly have now for not taking the steps necessary to achieve the kind of financial success and stability you know you should have? You're intelligent. You also know that you'll never attain lasting wealth unless you create it yourself. You may never encounter a better opportunity to do this. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. We are accepting a limited number of affiliates. Take action today.

And speaking of today, with our program you can literally be in business tonight. It's a fact, people have called with deals before they even received their materials. You already understand enough in a general way to tell people what it is you do and to confidently request their name and number for further contact. You have our number.

If you're ready to change your life, this is your time. You'll never have the opportunity to achieve the wealth the discounted mortgage marketplace offers you unless you take that first step today. Commit to examine the opportunity at no risk. Step forward. As the inspiring words of W.H. Murray indicate, everything else falls into place as you proceed:

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts of initiative there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:

The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.
A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

I sincerely hope you will join us.

Paper Profit$ TODAY!

    Ted Ciuba, President
Paper Profit$

P.S. Remember, in addition to our thirty day satisfaction guarantee, we guarantee you will make money. Stated again, if you can't make thousands of dollars within one year by following our course I'll refund every red cent you invest! I don't know how to be fairer than that. I'm removing all the risk from you. (This is the normal way you'll be doing business following my course.) You can't lose with this deal.

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